Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Are you asking the right question?


Hospital Departments and Supply Chain teams, are you still asking vendors to make you offers on devices you no longer use? 
Asking this question makes you vulnerable. It exposes you to receiving value the device is worth to vendors, not its market value. 
You must know your device's value.  Asking vendors to name a price for your device is the same as listing your house on Craigslist and asking home buyers to tell you what your house is worth.
We tested this theory last month while reselling highly demanded surgical device.
For the same device, we asked one group of vendors to submit offers. 

And, we asked second group of vendors to pay our asking price. 

Both groups were comprised of equipment dealers, brokers, remarketers, manufacturers and private 3rd parties located in various regions around the world.
Results were exactly as projected.  Vendors who chose to participate from the first group, gave offers that were considerably lower than our asking price. 
This is not because they were trying to be insulting, but because they gave us offers based on their perception of what the device is worth. 

We positioned this sale by stating: "Taking Offers! Make An Offer!"  Vendors from first group did just that, they made us offers that were marginally negotiable.
Vendors who chose to participate from the second group worked with us and agreed to asking price.  

Since multiple vendors agreed to pay asking price, it gave us leverage and position to negotiate with multiple parties.   
After negotiations, final price was 94% higher than the lowest offer and 41% higher than the highest negotiated offer received from vendors who submitted offers.
Takeaway of this experiment is simple.  Know the value of your device.  Don't ask vendors for offers.  Tell vendors your asking price.  
The only questions you should be asking vendors when reselling used medical devices are their expectations related to functionality, inspection and pickup.
This approach sets expectations, keeps you in control and makes resale process more transparent. 

EcoMed works exclusively with hospitals by reselling end-of-use medical devices. Even if your hospital has another service provider, you may still have questions, need validation, or resources.  Don't hesitate to reach out and ask.
To learn more about benefits of a managing resale of end-of-use medical devices, visit www.ecomedhtm.com or send an email to med@ecomedhtm.com.          

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